Moove Introduces Vehicle Advertising to Empower Customers and Boost Local Businesses

Moove, the fintech mobility startup, is revolutionizing the way customers interact with their vehicles. With the introduction of Vehicle Advertising, Moove is providing an opportunity for its customers in South Africa, Ghana, and India to tap into the power of their vehicle’s exposure and generate an additional income stream. By leveraging this unique platform, Moove aims to empower its customers, support local businesses, and contribute to economic growth. Let’s dive into the exciting details of this groundbreaking initiative.

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Enhanced Financial Opportunities

Moove understands the importance of financial independence and aims to provide its customers with a banking alternative through its digital payment platform, the Moove App and Wallet. The inclusion of advertising revenue allows customers to receive payments directly, expanding their financial options and offering a new income stream. This symbiotic partnership between Moove, its loyal customers, and advertisers not only enhances earning potential but also contributes to the growth of local businesses, ultimately boosting the economic prosperity of the regions involved.

Road Safety Awareness Program

In South Africa, Moove takes its commitment to road safety to new heights by launching a comprehensive road safety awareness program. With a firm belief in the power of education and awareness, Moove aims to transform the roads and protect lives. Through this program, every Moove customer will gain knowledge and skills to drive responsibly, making informed decisions on the road. By fostering a culture of safe and responsible driving, Moove aims to make a positive impact on the community and ensure the well-being of its customers.

Unleashing the Power of Vehicle Advertising

Moove’s innovative vehicle advertising strategy unlocks the potential for businesses to gain exposure to multiple demographics and expand their reach. With an average of 2.4 people accompanying each trip, the number of brand-specific impressions per week is astounding. A Moove vehicle completes approximately 50 trips per week, with an average trip duration of 40 minutes, providing a captive and receptive audience for each advertising message. By turning every journey into an avenue for success, Moove is transforming the way businesses connect with potential customers.

Moove – facebook page


Moove’s introduction of Vehicle Advertising in South Africa, Ghana, and India marks a significant milestone in the fintech mobility sector. By empowering customers with an additional income stream, providing a banking alternative, and fostering road safety awareness, Moove is not only transforming the lives of its customers but also contributing to the growth and prosperity of local businesses. With the power of vehicle advertising, Moove is rewriting the rules of mobility, creating opportunities for success and mutual benefit. As the company continues to innovate and expand its reach, we can expect even more groundbreaking initiatives in the future.

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