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A topic that needs to be tackled but left unspoken of due to circumstances; Brain drain is a situation where most eligible and brilliant people or individuals leave their current country and seek greener pastures elsewhere. Such everywhere mostly in African countries Ghana is not left out, bad leadership has made the country hard for most people causing people to be unemployed and underemployed. How is this affecting the country entirely and how do they leave the country, is it worth the pain, and why is everyone taking it lightly like is nothing? A survey conducted by some Ghanaian bloggers and street quizzes proved that 90 percent of the present Ghanaians want to leave the country; this shows how serious everyone wants to get out of a stressful country.

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What is Brain drain?

Brain drain can be in the form of internal by meaning rural-urban, urban-rural, and external meaning leaving their country to other places for better opportunities to better their lives. One cause of this brain drain is the poor quality of life, in some parts of Ghana, it’s hardly seen due to how lavish people leave within that area. Lots of people leave the country seeking greener pastures mostly in the European countries. There are situations where other countries ask for assistance for people to come to their aide mostly nurses, when such situations happen everyone wants to go who doesn’t want to go to America and the UK; Why? Due to how high unemployment and expensive life has become going becomes the only option available and therefore leaving the unskilled and under-qualified to stay, causing a great loss to the country.

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Better Education

Secondly, most young people like to better their education in foreign lands due to the bad educational system.  Well, there used to be the case where the government sponsors brilliant people to go outside to study courses to come and make a change but end up living there and making the government lose money, yes It is to the government’s disadvantage but have you thought about why those people always go and never return? The Ghana education system lacks basic essentials needed to study like the classroom, books, teachers, and many more, and as such worsens the situation and makes it hard for the pupil to concentrate. To prevent such situations most people will rather use any means to get out of a country where education is less valued to a more prestigious and welcoming environment to learn. It’s sad because all this happening is rather leaving the country to dwindle rather than becoming better due to its educationist.

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The Bad Effect

How does this brain drain affect the economy and the country in general; there is going to be a loss of tax revenue, it’s very important for the government to collect taxes to help build the nation. Taxes are very essential in every country it comes in different forms and all are assigned to do certain duties within the country. How does it lead to a situation like this; when educated and innovative people leave the country for better opportunities, the ones left are One, people with less innovative ideas and thoughts, Two people who lack skills, Three who have less knowledge on nation-building, therefore, paying tax is not any important civic duty to them and likewise, they have nothing to do so why pay taxes when the people to build the nation are not available causing the higher possibility of depression and inflation on the country.

Capital Losses and Tax

Economic Effects

Again there is going to be the possibility of low confidence in the economy, when people begin to leave the country, the economy is affected deeply since the skilled labor around is low or at most is not available the economy’s confidence dwindles, thereby making those who are left behind also lost hope and then decide to leave the country without caring less about what happens next. And this is going to leave a country with a higher recession and never come back into the main market for trades and other economic stuff.

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How will this situation be solved; There are lots of ways to solve the situation of brain drain, but one stands out that is making the citizens comfortable and letting them gain confidence in the economy, and also attracting people to come and invest thereby causing a brain gain.

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