Meta Introduces Link History Archive: Your Personal Link Tracker

Remember that Interesting Link on Facebook? Meta’s Got You Covered

Meta, the parent company of Facebook, is introducing a new feature that might just become your go-to tool for tracking links. The Link History archive, available on both Android and iOS (desktop to follow), allows users to easily revisit links they’ve interacted with on the platform.

How It Works

Upon activation, Link History will store links that users tap within the Facebook app and visit in Facebook’s Mobile Browser for a period of 30 days. It’s essentially your personal link tracker within the app.

Link History Archive

Privacy and Control

Worried about privacy? Rest assured that links visited via private chats on Messenger won’t be saved in Link History. Users also have the option to remove links from their history whenever they please.

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Handy Tool for Recall

The Link History Archive is poised to be a handy option for those moments when you vaguely remember seeing something interesting on Facebook but can’t recall the details. While recent ad activity provides a similar function for tracking engagement with ads, Link History broadens the scope to include all links within the app.

Influence on Ads

It’s no surprise that Meta plans to leverage Link History information for ad targeting. Users should be aware that the links they engage with might influence the types of ads they see. For those who wish to fine-tune their ad preferences, a visit to “Ad Preferences” and deleting specific links might be a good strategy.

Rollout Details

While Meta hasn’t specified the rollout timeline for all regions, the Link History Archive is in the process of being expanded to all mobile users. Keep an eye out for the update on your Android or iOS device soon.

Meta continues to introduce features that enhance user experience while providing new ways to understand and interact with content. The Link History Archive is another step in that direction, offering users a convenient tool to revisit and track their link interactions on the platform.

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