“X’s Community Notes Leaderboard Sparks Controversy as Elon Musk’s Allies Top the List”

In a surprising turn of events, X owner Elon Musk’s push for transparency might be facing a roadblock as a new Community Notes Leaderboard sheds light on the most “noted” users in the app. The controversial proposal, which aimed to include a profile indicator for users with a history of Community Notes corrections, seems poised for resistance.

The Elipsoid, a user on X, has created a list of users who have accumulated the most Community Notes, offering a glimpse into the potential impact of the proposed changes. Notably, many of Elon’s top supporters and profiles he frequently engages with find themselves at the forefront of this list.

Elon’s close associates, including Ian Miles Cheong, Mario Nawful, and Wall Street Silver, all rank within the top 20 of the Community Notes Leaderboard. Surprisingly, Elon Musk himself secures the 27th spot, outranking figures such as President Joe Biden and Rep. Marjorie Green.

community-notes-leaderboard interface

The proposed profile indicator, aimed at highlighting users with a history of misinformation, might face resistance if implemented, especially considering the high ranking of Elon’s associates. The listing by The Elipsoid adds a layer of complexity to X’s reliance on Community Notes, a system that Elon has championed as a crowd-sourced moderation tool.

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While Elon sees Community Notes as a superior method of crowd-sourced moderation, critics argue that it falls short of providing stringent measures against misinformation. The European Union has even initiated an investigation into X’s updated processes, focusing on Community Notes as a potential misinformation deterrent.

The unveiling of the Community Notes Leaderboard raises questions about the system’s efficacy and its alignment with X’s initial intentions. The listing not only showcases the most “noted” profiles but also enables users to read the notes attached to each account, offering insights into the moderation process.

It remains to be seen how Elon Musk and his allies will respond to this revelation, especially given their previous criticisms of Community Notes. Whether they dismiss it as flawed or engage with the findings, the leaderboard has added another layer of complexity to X’s ongoing battle against misinformation.

For those interested, you can explore the Community Notes Leaderboard here.

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