101 Facebook Marketing Ideas for small businesses in 2024

In Facebook Ads, creativity and strategy go hand in hand. One powerful approach to captivate your audience is the PAS framework—Pain, Agitate, Solve. Let’s delve into this framework and unlock the secrets to crafting compelling and impactful Facebook Ads.

Understanding the PAS Framework:

1. Pain:
Remind your audience of the pain points they experience. Identify the challenges or issues they encounter that your product or service can address. Establish a connection by acknowledging their needs.

2. Agitate:
Take it a step further by making your audience feel the pain on a deeper, emotional level. Agitate the problem, emphasizing the impact it has on their lives. Stir emotions and create a sense of urgency, driving them to seek a solution.

3. Solve:
Now, introduce your product or service as the ultimate solution to their pain. Highlight how it addresses the challenges presented earlier. Showcase the unique features and benefits that set your offering apart. Conclude with a clear call-to-action, guiding them towards the next step.

Example: Unveiling the PAS Framework in Action

Ad Copy:


  • “Struggling with sleepless nights and restless days? The constant fatigue taking a toll on your productivity?”


  • “Imagine the frustration of tossing and turning, unable to find that elusive moment of peace. The impact on your energy, focus, and overall well-being can be overwhelming.”


  • “Introducing DreamEase, the revolutionary sleep aid that transforms your nights. Experience deep, rejuvenating sleep and wake up ready to conquer the day. Say goodbye to sleepless nights—try DreamEase now!”

Tips for Crafting PAS Framework Ads:

  • Know Your Audience:
    Understand the specific pain points and challenges your target audience faces.
  • Emphasize Emotions:
    Connect emotionally with your audience. Stir feelings that resonate with their experiences.
  • Highlight Solutions:
    Clearly articulate how your product or service provides the solution they’ve been searching for.
  • Include a Strong CTA:
    Guide your audience towards the desired action. Whether it’s making a purchase or signing up, ensure a compelling call-to-action.

The PAS framework is a potent storytelling tool that transforms your Facebook Ads into engaging narratives. By addressing pain points, agitating emotions, and presenting solutions, you create a powerful connection with your audience. Unlock the full potential of your advertising strategy with the PAS framework, and watch your Facebook Ads resonate with impact and effectiveness.

Here’s how you can create Founder’s Story Ad

Make sure to show Founder’s story, Brand Story & Educational videos to Warm & hot Audiences. People don’t need to be sold all the time, they also need to be educated. Here’s how you can create Founder’s Story Ad(example shared at end with breakdown) How to create Founder’s Story Ad? Use this format: – I had a problem with__ – It hurt because __ – I tried to solve it with __,but nothing works – Until I finally found__solution – Now my life is super easy The Founder story is your most powerful marketing asset, Use it Wisely.