What does securing the top spot on Google truly entail?

Neil Patel, Renowned for his expertise in SEO and online marketing recently wrote the following on his twitter; and we think it is worth sharing.

I’ve achieved the pinnacle of Google rankings for numerous competitive keywords, ranging from “online marketing” to “digital marketing.” Some phrases have graced the first page, while others have claimed the coveted number 1 position (depending on your geographical location).

Beyond the obvious perk of increased traffic, attaining the number 1 rank on Google offers a plethora of additional advantages.

1. Branding: Over the years, individuals who have encountered me or reached out via email often mention stumbling upon my presence on Google. This initial discovery has translated into customers, sometimes years down the line.

2. High ROI: While paid ads deliver immediate results, the revenue stream dwindles the moment you cease payments. Although SEO demands time and financial investment, the return on investment (ROI) surpasses that of paid ads. Even after discontinuation, SEO continues to drive traffic, albeit perhaps not at its peak.

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3. Press Coverage: Gaining visibility on reputable platforms like Forbes, CNBC, and CNN has been a direct result of Google searches. SEO contributes significantly to generating press coverage, particularly over the long term.

4. Speaking Opportunities: Similar to press coverage, widespread Google rankings open doors to speaking engagements. I used to charge for speaking engagements and secured numerous paid opportunities, generating over $1 million annually, with travel expenses covered—a lucrative venture, especially in terms of profit.

5. Competitive Edge: SEO is a tool that levels the playing field for smaller players (though it does require time and effort). It serves as a means to compete against industry giants. Our early adoption of SEO provided a head start against competitors worth over 10 billion dollars. Now, we proudly stand as one of the fastest-growing ad agencies for three consecutive years, as recognized by AdWeek.

While the primary benefits of ranking number 1 include increased traffic and revenue, the aforementioned five aspects are equally valuable and should not be underestimated. Embracing the multifaceted advantages of top-tier Google rankings is key to establishing and sustaining a robust online presence.

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