The $20 Million Instagram Ad: Unveiling the Secrets Behind Its Success

In Instagram advertising, one particular ad stood out, raking in over $20 million. The founder, @thedannybuck, shares valuable insights into the creation and success of this remarkable ad, offering six key lessons.

1. The Toothpaste Principle: Create and Solve

Inspired by the Toothpaste Principle, the ad created a problem—green necks from cheap jewelry—and presented the solution—CRAFTD jewelry. This principle, rooted in creating and solving needs, was instrumental in the ad’s success.

2. WTF Hooks: Intrigue and Engage

The ad’s success hinged on the “WTF hook.” By presenting a perplexing question—what is a green neck?—the ad intrigued viewers. Once hooked, the solution, CRAFTD jewelry, was seamlessly introduced.

3. Algorithms Love Engagement: Exploit It

Harnessing the power of algorithms, the ad capitalized on engagement. The meme format encouraged viewers to tag friends or share via DM, skyrocketing engagement and ad performance.

4. The CRAFTD Flywheel: Sustain Momentum

The green neck meme triggered a self-sustaining flywheel. Users tagged friends, reducing ad costs and expanding reach. This perpetual loop led to increased visibility, engagement, and, ultimately, £20M in sales.

5. Ad Idea Inspiration: Jokes and Customer Support

Drawing inspiration from David Ogilvy’s advice—great ideas often come as jokes—the ad’s creative spark emerged. Additionally, the customer support team played a crucial role, uncovering hidden gems in customer interactions for new ad ideas.

6. Customer Loyalty as a Shield: Protect Your Unique Ideas

Anticipating competitors’ attempts to mimic a successful ad, CRAFTD proactively owned their unique concept. Customers rallied to protect their brand, calling out copycats on competitors’ ads and maintaining brand integrity.

In conclusion, the $20 million Instagram ad’s success is a testament to the strategic application of principles, creative hooks, algorithmic understanding, sustainable flywheels, idea generation sources, and the protective shield of customer loyalty. This case study provides valuable lessons for advertisers aiming to make a lasting impact on Instagram.