Ad Dynamo Appoints José Gonsalves as Managing Director for East Africa

Ad Dynamo by Aleph, the exclusive media buying extension for major platforms in Africa, has announced the appointment of José Gonsalves as its new Managing Director for East Africa. With over 15 years of experience in the digital media industry, Gonsalves brings a wealth of expertise to his new role, overseeing the suite of platforms and networks operated by Ad Dynamo by Aleph. This strategic appointment reflects the company’s commitment to fostering digital advertising growth in emerging markets.

Ad Dynamo by Aleph is a leading media buying extension, exclusively partnered with major platforms like Spotify, Twitter, Snap, and Yahoo in Africa. The company plays a crucial role in facilitating digital advertising across the continent, breaking down barriers and empowering brands to reach their target audiences effectively.

Gonsalves’ Vision for Ad Dynamo by Aleph

Expressing his excitement about joining the team, José Gonsalves highlights Aleph’s remarkable growth in recent years, even amid challenging industry conditions. He praises the company’s agility and ability to make quick decisions, ensuring efficient client service. Gonsalves emphasizes that the year ahead holds immense potential, particularly in emerging technologies like Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML). As Managing Director, he aims to position Ad Dynamo by Aleph at the forefront of these developments, transforming media buying into a powerful tool for advertisers.

A Focus on Tailored Communication

With an intimate understanding of the local nuances and GTM (Go-To-Market) strategies, Gonsalves aims to foster strong client relationships by communicating with them using personalized narratives. He recognizes that effective communication tailored to individual client needs is key to delivering successful digital advertising campaigns in East Africa.

José Gonsalves’ Professional Journey

José Gonsalves has built an illustrious career in the digital media industry over the past 15 years, primarily focusing on Africa and Europe. He kick-started his journey at Acceleration Media, where he managed a portfolio of 100 tier 3 clients, including ESPN North America and Microsoft. He then moved on to Naspers, where he served as the Digital Ad Operations Manager for Media24, gaining valuable insights into the media landscape.

In 2015, Gonsalves assumed the role of Global Programmatic Manager at Addsuite, a position that allowed him to oversee billings of over $25,000,000. Throughout his career, he has honed his skills in media buying, programmatic advertising, and client relations, making him an invaluable asset to Ad Dynamo by Aleph.


The appointment of José Gonsalves as Managing Director for East Africa marks a significant step for Ad Dynamo by Aleph, reinforcing the company’s dedication to digital advertising growth in the region. With his extensive experience and strategic vision, Gonsalves is poised to lead the company towards embracing new technologies and optimizing media buying practices. As East Africa’s digital advertising landscape evolves, Ad Dynamo by Aleph is well-equipped to remain at the forefront of industry innovations under Gonsalves’ expert leadership.

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