MTN Issues Warning: Protect Yourself from Momo Fraud, Avoid Discussing Your Account

MTN, the mobile telecommunication network, is urging the public to stay vigilant to protect themselves from falling prey to mobile money fraud, a problem that has been plaguing many subscribers in recent years. Scammers cunningly pose as representatives of mobile telecom companies, tricking unsuspecting individuals into believing them and ultimately defrauding them.

Despite numerous instances of such fraud occurring repeatedly, people continue to be victimized, losing money from their mobile wallets. Addressing this concern at a media and stakeholders’ forum organized by MTN, the telecom giant emphasized the crucial importance of public vigilance and advised against entertaining any calls related to their mobile money accounts.

“I refuse to engage in conversations regarding my mobile account. It’s similar to a bank account, one managed by the bank, while the other is under my control. I manage it myself, and in any such conversation, I am not willing to negotiate or verify with you. Regardless of whether it appears genuine or not, I am not willing to take that risk. Therefore, let’s exercise caution when receiving calls and engaging in certain activities. We tend to be too trusting and gullible at times. Do not entertain such conversations at all, to safeguard your money,” stated Simon Amoh, Senior Commercial Manager overseeing Trade and Sales in the Northern Business District.

Daniel Asare, the Acting Chief Enterprise Business Officer, also assured that MTN is implementing stringent measures to combat mobile money fraud. He highlighted that they are working on a solution that would prevent fraudsters from exploiting deactivated SIM cards to access linked bank accounts online. This initiative would allow users to check the status of their SIM cards and identify if they have been recycled, ensuring greater security and protection against fraudulent activities in the market.