Threads: 4 Ways Businesses Can Benefit from Meta’s Twitter Alternative

Threads, the new Twitter alternative launched by Meta, has the potential to win over businesses in several ways. Here are four key factors that can contribute to its success:

Simplify advertising:

To gain traction among businesses, Threads needs to leverage the connections brands already have on other platforms. The app offers the ability to link Instagram accounts, allowing users to find and follow people they are already connected with on that platform. If advertisers can do the same and tailor their content for new Threads users based on their previous Facebook or Instagram activity, this could give Meta a competitive advantage. By becoming a “one-stop shop for advertising,” Threads can simplify media buying and analysis for brands, providing them with more freedom to engage with their audience.

Protect brand identity

Meta should learn from the missteps of Elon Musk’s Twitter Blue experiment to ensure the safety and integrity of brands on Threads. Musk’s approach to verification, where payment determines the blue tick, has made it challenging for average users and brands. Threads should implement a robust verification process to protect brands from impersonation. The current verification system, similar to Instagram, offers some reassurance by automatically verifying accounts already verified on Instagram. Additionally, the availability of paid verification for those who don’t qualify for free verification can further enhance brand protection.

Improve community moderation

Unlike Twitter’s under-regulated approach to content moderation, Threads should prioritize a healthier community environment. Drawing inspiration from LinkedIn, which uses beta testing through selected “top voices,” Threads can introduce new tools to mitigate negativity and promote constructive discussions. Feedback from users can guide the development of effective content moderation practices. For instance, LinkedIn’s algorithm update aimed at prioritizing content from first-degree contacts and thought leaders was a response to user feedback.

Enhance reach and shareability

The initial rapid growth of Threads with over 30 million users within a day of its launch is promising for businesses. However, sustaining user engagement and regular platform usage is crucial. Threads should consider introducing functionalities similar to Twitter’s hashtags, allowing users to group related posts into a single feed. This would enable better content filtering, categorization, and trending topics, empowering advertisers to amplify their message and increase visibility.

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By addressing these four aspects—simplifying advertising, protecting brands, improving community moderation, and enhancing reach and shareability—Threads can position itself as a compelling platform for businesses, attracting and reassuring brands to operate and advertise in a safe space.

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