CEO of Ghana Gas Highlights Importance of Embracing New Gas Markets in Energy Transition Discourse

During a stakeholder round table discussion held on Tuesday, July 4, 2023, Ben K.D. Asante, the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Ghana Gas, emphasized the significance of embracing new gas markets in the discourse surrounding the energy transition.

Under the theme “Embracing New Gas Markets in the Energy Transition Discourse, the Role of Stakeholders,” the event brought together key industry players to discuss the crucial involvement of stakeholders in Ghana’s journey towards energy transition.

CEO Ben K.D. Asante underscored the importance of adopting a balanced approach to the energy transition, one that takes into account both environmental responsibility and economic impact.

He stressed the need for a gradual shift rather than an abrupt one, driven by considerations such as fuel type and location.

Asante stated, “Gas should be the preferred transitional fossil fuel choice due to its low carbon emissions and cost,” highlighting the advantages of natural gas as an intermediate energy source.

He further explained, “Gas offers a cleaner alternative to conventional fossil fuels, contributing to reduced carbon emissions while remaining cost-effective.”

In addition, Mr. Asante emphasized the significance of Africa exploring internal financing sources for capital projects during the transition period.

He urged the continent to tap into its own resources and cultivate the necessary intellectual capacity to effectively manage these projects.

“Africa should rely on its own resources for financing capital projects and strive to develop the required intellectual capacity to manage them,” Dr. Asante emphasized, showcasing Africa’s potential to become self-reliant and drive its own energy transition.

Source: The Chronicle

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