Fan Milk PLC Recalls Batches of Fan Yogo Due to Quality Concerns: Here’s What You Need to Know

Fan Milk PLC, the producer of Fan Yogo, has taken action by recalling specific batches of the product in response to concerns raised by some of its customers. Social media platforms have been buzzing with complaints about the abnormal texture of Fan Yogo, prompting the company to address the issue.

The Reason

In a candid admission, Fan Milk PLC acknowledged the anomaly and attributed it to recent changes in their starch source and variations in handling. The company stated, “The root cause identified on the recent quality issue on FanYogo is due to both a recent change in our starch source and variations in handling.” The Food Research Institute of FanMilk PLC conducted an investigation based on consumer complaints, which led to identifying the affected batches.

Fan Milk PLC Assurance

While Fan Milk PLC assures consumers that the recalled batches are safe for consumption, they have taken the responsible step of urging customers to return any products bearing the batch numbers in question to the designated Fan Milk depots for replacement.

The affected batches

The affected batches are as follows:

011023022, 011023120, 011223664, 031123385, 031123408, 031123414, 031123429, 031123438, 051123442, 061123453, 141023223, 161123572, 181123530, 181123537, 181123587, 231123590, 231123596, 231123625, 231123890, 251123611, 251123614, 251123616, 251123622, 251123628, 261123633, 261123635, 261123636, 261123638.

Fan Milk PLC has expressed its commitment to delivering exceptional product experiences and acknowledged that the recalled batches fell short of their usual standards. Their team of experts in the company’s laboratories has conducted extensive tests on these batches to determine the cause of the problem and implement measures to prevent its recurrence. Additionally, Fan Milk PLC is actively engaging with the Food and Drugs Authority, the regulatory body, to resolve the matter satisfactorily.

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