Uber Ghana Empowers Women with ‘Women Rider Preferred View’ Feature

Uber Ghana is introducing two new features:

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Women Rider Preferred View and an In-App emergency support partnership with Aura. The Women Rider Preferred View allows female drivers to choose to pick up only women riders, giving them more control and a sense of safety. Riders will be notified about this feature and asked to specify their gender on the app. Female drivers can cancel trips if the matched riders aren’t female without negative consequences.

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The In-App Emergency Button, powered by Aura’s security technology, provides on-demand security and medical response for both riders and drivers during trips. Uber’s collaboration with Aura ensures access to vetted security and medical emergency response units closest to the location of the distress call.

The Women Rider Preferred feature has been successful in multiple countries, with a significant number of women drivers and trips utilizing it globally.

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