Google Unveils African Cohort for its 2023 Black Founders Fund

Google for Startups has chosen 25 African startups to receive support through the Black Founders Fund. With $4 million in funding, the Black Founders Fund aims to address racial inequality in venture capital funding. It provides grants and mentorship to early-stage Black-led businesses in Europe and Africa.

The selected startups will receive significant assistance, including non-dilutive cash awards of up to $150,000, up to $200,000 in Google Cloud credits, advertising support, personalized mentorship from industry experts, and access to Google’s extensive network.

Nigeria has the highest number of grantees with 10 startups, followed by Kenya with 5, and South Africa with 3. Ghana, Uganda, Côte d’Ivoire, Rwanda, and Senegal are also represented on the list.

Recipients of the Black Founders Fund 2022 Picture by Google Africa Blog.

Some of the chosen startups include Akoma Health, providing accessible mental health services in Africa; BezoMoney, offering digital banking for the underbanked; Chargel, a digital trucking platform for West Africa; and EzyAgric, using AI-powered mobile technology to enhance farming in Africa.

These startups, along with others, will receive support to grow and succeed in their respective industries, contributing to the overall development of entrepreneurship in Africa.

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