Procurement: Taking stock of the labour market

 The job market is an essential part of every country and most people looking for jobs; some have it as home services meaning working from home, others stores, and other big elite office works, but how has that been so far, is it going far or moving backwards? There are lots of unemployed people in the house some have given up, others are underemployed and others through connection or whatsoever are also gainfully employed, but this category of people is just a drop in the ocean. What actually causes such cases of huge unemployment and how is it affecting the country generally?

How the Unemployment Rate Affects Everybody

Many people always complain about how unfair the job market is, and how some termed people also get it free without sweat and pain as any ordinary person would. As a huge economic-based country in Africa, there is supposed to be less unemployment in the country but due to certain circumstances and unforeseen cases, it is not so. As at the recent survey it was brought out that about 13% of the population are unemployed which is a huge percentage compared to previous years and deducting some economic privileges from the census, but this was not so till there was a major setback known as the world covid- 19 which also made lots of people lose their jobs and became unemployed causing such percentage in the unemployment range. It has become a very severe canker on the part of the government since it’s supposed to create and give jobs to citizens, a major reason people vote them into power.

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Indeed, there are a lot of companies( be it private or government owned )in the country, but there are huge numbers of unemployment and underemployment in the system, how is it so and how is it that some people manage to get jobs after their national service while others do not. What are the things that differentiate them from others making them top notched to be picked and some not so? During National Service ( a period where young graduates service the country by working for approximately a year for exposure and experience in different work environment based on their field of study), companies check lots of things before employing them or letting them go. We can talk of decency, promptness, and how you pay attention and listen to instructions. All these are qualities needed to be accepted into a workplace. It does not matter the class you completed just show work, and give them reasons why the company needs to employ you.

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 In as much as the job market is challenging, there are also several ways to escape the unemployment cage; it is more of self-acclamation than always waiting for people to call you. While at home indulge yourself in any program organized by the government to acquire skills. Most people think having only book knowledge is all it takes to get a job, some business need skills not only book, it must not always be about big money at least something small to keep you going. Engaging in skills also helps you to explore your hidden talents. During the current skills training organized by the government( NABCO trainee services) lots of people benefited from social and economic skills through the program in various regional capitals and towns even though the money was small but it was worth everything. You need to move out and start learning other stuff and keep applying or you can try other legal means of making money.

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There are new people always creating a sole job and in need of assistance it’s not always sitting in the office that guarantees you being successfully employed. Being a graduate also gives you the chance to explore other fields, it might be difficult at first but at least there is no harm in trying, and always make it a point to learn and learn well, lucky enough starting a business in Ghana is not hard to get a capital then start something small within a twinkle of an eye you might be doing better than you imagined yourself as at when you started.

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Unemployment will be there, but it’s up to you the individual to make a change. Do not be pressured to do other illegal means, you will end up in prison. If it is an office you want to work your butt up to get it. Make them know they need you. Being unemployed is more stressful than anything don’t fall victim. Be the change you wish to see.