How to Save Money

25 easy money-saving tips for cutting the monthly bills

Many a time people find it impossible to save due to their high interest in buying new stuff to look good and smell good too. Being financially savvy or intentional about your money and saving is a key trait of a successful person. Most people also waste money on clubbing partying and a lot of times find themselves wanting within the middle of the month. But here are some popular ways to save money within this hard economy.

5 Steps To Make A Personal Budget In 2022 The Nation Newspaper

One is to have a budget, to have a budget means to set boundaries and know what to buy and not to. More of picking what is needed over wants. Lot of times our wants exceeded our needs making us buy things that we end up not using and later regret. But as a person who is determined to save money to secure yourself, you need more budget setting. Make sure you draw a plan on how you will spend your money, make the necessary adjustments to fit your situation, remove procrastination from your timetable and keep following the kind of budget set for the week , day , month or even the year. You would be surprised at how efficiently this budget improved your savings.

Basics of Fixed Deposits - Everything you should know about it - The Union  Journal

Secondly, take part in fixed deposits, this is one of the best ways to save in this hard economy, this type of saving is mostly for spendthrifts (people who spend on anything and at any time). This is an investment account where money is deposited for a fixed period and the interest rate does not change. This even offers higher rates than ordinary savings accounts and is ideal if you want to save for a specific goal. There are lots of banks that offer such options. It’s better to save this way than waste money, it might take a while to adjust to this type of saving but it’s also the best option for people like you who spend too much and regret their actions later.

Advice on How to Keep Yourself out of Debt

Again you need to avoid the habit of borrowing, as humans the act of borrowing is in us but to make it as a bit is dangerous. As a country with prices going up each time of the week, it is not advisable to be owing lots of people and banks due to high interest rates when paying.  You don’t always have to get something at all cost you need to live within your means. Living within means also involves saving and planning, borrowing is going to cost you lots of headaches and stress since everyone will need to you to pay at an apportioned time. Assuming you are now knowing how to save you need to avoid this act and focus on how to be financially independent.

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Also you can use the traditional method of saving, the susu box. Susu box is a small wooden box with a small opening that allow you to drop any amount left on you in it. It might sound cheap but also it is another means of saving. Mostly its kids that use but as a starter with much expectation you can use that too. Most at times monies left on us are the coins and the coins also play a major role in buying and selling, so to prevent losing it somewhere or leaving it somewhere and forget, you can drop it in the box, unknown to you, you are also saving. It is a very cheap method as a beginner, but just as the saying goes little drops of water make a mighty ocean as you keep dropping every day  you will end up saving more than you expected. So go get your susu box today and see the benefit of it.

How To Monitor Your Spending Habits

Lastly monitor your spending habits, if you want to save money you need to do away with some habits, there are times you just want to spend to the fullest on food or satisfy your cravings, but that should not be a consistent habit for someone who wants to save money.  You need to cut lots of habits if you want to save. If you always you to spend 200 cedis a week excluding transport you need to check and plan the money to satisfy you. It is not easy at the beginning but as you keep doing it you realize you save more than you spend at first. And make sure you draw a plan on your spending to prevent over spending and under spending.

With all these mentions above if you want to be a financially stable person these are the ways you can save to achieve such goal.

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