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The “Fix the Country” demonstration was a campaign led by angry youth due to mismanagement of the economy on the side of the current government, led by various popular and outspoken people like black rasta, Captain Smart and the brain behind the protest Joshua Boye Doe popularly known on social media as Kaly Jay. This protest and has tags started as a result of continuous increases in fuel prices throughout the nation and mishandling of the economic sources.

The Protest

The protest by these youth started on Twitter as awareness to alert the current government to be on its toes all the noise on social media was not fruitful till the protestants decided to take it on foot because if persuasion fails force is applied. This was not taken lightly by the government so they also started to hit back with the hashtag “#fixyourself” to show that they were doing their best but what were the citizens doing to help?

It was a back-and-forth issue with the demonstration especially the fact that the police became a hindrance by stopping them from demonstrating, these leaders took to the media not to back down till something was done, during all these there was no specific problem or issue they had been brought to support the claim of mismanagement of the economy. People watching from afar kept asking what their problem was because they supported the agenda but they needed confirmation of what they were fighting for, Would their plight be in vain Would they lose their lives for a claim or a purpose?

We have had lots of demonstrations but do you think this was necessary, were there any changes made. We agree this was to put the government on its toes but let’s face the fact this was a follow-the-crowd demonstration. Social media is a place where people express their thoughts through writing. One of the reasons this demonstration was a flop according to people watching from afar was because of not being to provide the government with facts and evidence of the things they wanted to fix.

Everyone knows the current government has disappointed us in so many ways and sectors but to throw sand to the wind and make vague statements that are not guaranteed for demonstration, they could talk of the ”komi preko” demonstration led by the NPP during the inflation of taxes by the then NDC government, proper organization, facts not words, giving accurate reasons not vague statements and also having a wild interest from the citizens. This demonstration lacked these things. They could boost of wide social media following and help from citizens but to them how was the turnout, because people realized it was just talking and not work.

To these people, the idea was great but the approach was a means of getting attention, they could never say they did not try, they did but so far all the articles and videos seen and still available on youtube it could be seen as a wild accusation with baseless facts and talks.

Many people also argue that this was a very huge hit for the youth with regards to the fact that this demonstration shook the government office to the extent of backfiring them with tete- a- tete talks on shows and even became a topic for weeks. Indeed it was because checking from the beginning of 2021 they kept increasing fares, and fuels but never the payment of civil servants,

Insufficient job markets were the main reason that angered lots to take to the streets and demonstrate. These were reasons enough to demonstrate so the people watching from behind had no reason to say their claims were baseless and vague. Unless they were people paid to shut the demonstration and morale down.

During the demonstration from Obra Spot at Circle to the Independence Square, we could see people with banners, t-shirts, and plaques telling the government something. A very peaceful demonstration we saw there, made the government realize how serious it was. Others also claim it was to fuel people’s agenda to make money out of it, such shrouds don’t you think.

What do you think? Was it a flop or a glorious outcome, are you with the people watching from behind or with the agenda setters. It might not have changed anything but it did put something or someone on its toes during that period.