Tiktok is no news after it massive engagement during the pandemic, who would have guessed it being popular during the 2016s when it was launched in china. Most people did not know it existed till the pandemic when everyone was home having boring times then it emerged, it was known as musically then till it merged with tiktok in 2018, it’s more of recording videos (short ones) of you dancing imitating people and making funny skits.

Tiktok has been able to outshine previous popular apps like instagram, facebook and twitter due to how addictive and attractive it has been designed. Tiktok has lot of cool and upgraded features that make people love it more than other apps. What makes its more popular is how it always introduces new features each time to keep people glued to their phones and also participate in it.

These trends and popular topics are also shared on it, most new musicians and dancers are now popular throughout the world due to tik tok , and now musicians tend to use that as means to sell their music by creating challenge and also making it a point to sell their selves. There is no doubt this is of more benefit than other apps in regards to entertainment.

With this app there is no need for any special skills or education it’s quite simple and easy for even a kid from 10 to use. All you need is a good phone good content and camera quality. With new features every second you can create over ten contents a day and more. No complicated editing skills needed. Just easy to use and better than other apps

It comes with endless entertainment, nonstop entertainment on this app if you are someone who is into entertainment then this app is yours. Too much shows go live, brings about good content from all entertainment sources, you can talk of cooking, dancing, music story animation just to mention a few and much entertainment. And this makes it addictive and free of uninterrupted entertainment.

As a good app bad things also happen like fake accounts and scams. People also use this opportunity to dupe people of huge amount of money everything that comes out good also has it’s bad effect. Most users report of being redirected to adult dating scams through the app. all you need to do is be careful and know people you are dealing with.

It also comes as time wastage. Many people can attest to the fact that they waste time as soon as they open the app. There are countless videos available it’s a nonstop entertainment. There are minimal chances of finding educational  content on the app. what comes next to your senses after watching some tiktok videos is Boredom, its better you limits your time there  participating in real time activities.

Download the app today and just enjoy yourself with laughter and stories. Make sure you don’t get addicted and find ways to also entertain and create good contents. If you are someone with much interest in such stuff then tiktok is the best app for you.