Top 5 Digital Marketing Firms In Ghana


The internet has taken over and the number of people online is increasing daily. Marketing has always been founded on the idea of meeting and connecting with an audience that would become customers. However, they cannot be met traditionally quite often. You have to connect with them at a place where they spend time daily – Online.

These 5 Digital Marketing Firms in Ghana have proven to be some of the best marketing strategists in the country presently. 

This decision required persistence and consistency but these firms have provided value to Ghana and beyond. You probably may have heard of the company occupying the first position on the list.

5. Origin8

Origin 8

Origin8 has the vision to unveil creativity that speaks to the mind, sight, and hearing locally and Internationally. Combining knowledge and technology since 1998, this firm creates valuable market products and services. 

Among their vast range of services is Reputation Management. They are highly expertized in this aspect so that as sales are boosting, your brand will be building a strong Goodwill that will go a long way to help your total brand presence. They believe that with Goodwill, you wouldn’t have to pay for advertisements in due time. Your reputation will just speak for you.

Because Origin8 values persons with good behaviours and manners, and persons who are time conscious, they make sure that they also practice what they expect of you.

4. Ghana SEO Expert


Search Engine Optimization is one of the most organic ways to drive traffic to your website. Whether you are a business owner or a blogger, search engines are reliable sources of traffic for your website. 

You can’t afford to be paying for adverts all the time, to drive traffic to your website. And once you stop paying, your traffic will stop too. The social media traffic is also temporary. However, getting yourself ranked on Search Engine Results Pages (SERP) is not that easy.

Ghana SEO Expert as one of the digital marketing firms in Ghana provides services like keyword research, website analysis, competitor analysis, and more to help your brand rank higher on the web. Ranking higher on the web means more exposure to your brand which will in turn boost sales.

A plus is the devotion of the company’s team towards creating a Search Engine Optimization Strategy that builds the brand whether by Organic Searches or Paid Advertising Campaigns.

3. 3rd Floor Digital 

3rd Floor Digital

With very high competition in terms of social media engagement and limited time of just 14 seconds to capture an audience, 3rd Floor Digital prides in creating videos hinged on awesome storytelling to capture your prospects. 

Having worked with many brands as one of the digital marketing firms in Ghana, 3rd Floor Digital has acquired experience to understand the psychology behind how people react to the digital ecosystem.  They have branches in Kenya and Nigeria also.

Beautifully, 3rd Floor Digital supports the growth of brands that cannot afford their full-scale services yet still dreams to grow. You can book an appointment between 10 am and 4 pm on weekdays if you need their services.

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2. Aquity Media

Aquity Media first and foremost promises your brand new prospects who graduate to becoming customers to increase revenue. 

However, to accomplish this goal, they deeply study your brand’s marketing strategy to make sure that it is executed to perfection. Then they use their advanced technologies to deliver the results you envisioned.

With the firm’s super flexibility and quick responsiveness, they have been able to serve both startups and multinational corporations like Google, Jumia, Webster University, Enterprise Insurance, British High Commission, Ghana Institute of Chartered Accountants, and a lot more.

Aquity Media is one of the Digital Marketing Firms in Ghana that comes highly recommended.

1.CliqAfrica Ltd

CliqAfrica is a fast-growing Private Limited Liability Company building Goodwill as an Integrated Digital Marketing Solutions service provider in Accra, Ghana. Since its establishment in 2013, its sole mission is to use the online forum to grow African Businesses.

As much as CliqAfrica aims to be Africa’s one-stop digital services provider, they have already built a reputation as one of Ghana’s most recognized digital marketing firms.

With a team of devoted online strategists and creative technologists, CliqAfrica uses its clinical knowledge and expertise in digital marketing to provide your brand with a digital space that best interprets your brand’s ideal. 

CliqAfrica as one of the digital marketing firms in Ghana focuses on listening, tracking, analyzing, and optimizing to promote a better Return On Investment for your business.

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Although the market competition may be tough among these firms and a lot more others, Ghanaian Businesses that have patronized them attest to their high rate of success.

Their advanced technologies have aided Businesses in Ghana eligible to compete with other international firms.

Do keep in mind that, the list is not exhaustive. There are many other digital marketing firms in Ghana, which we shall cover shortly.

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