5 Organic Ways To Grow Your Facebook Page (2021)


Whether you have a startup or an established business empire, social media marketing is one of the biggest things in the marketing world now. All marketing efforts must involve social media at one point or the other.

It goes without saying that Facebook is indeed the biggest social media platform available in the world today. We’re talking about over 2 billion monthly users!

But how do you grow your Facebook page organically, without having to pay some hard Dollars to the social media platform (boosting)? 

Truth be told, it’s not child’s play. But it is also not as difficult as rocket science. With the right strategies in place, you can easily grow your page organically over a certain duration. 

If you’ve been looking around for the best organic ways to grow your Facebook page without any results, then this is the right place for you. 

Stick with us as we take you through it all. 

5.Run Regular Giveaways

Run Giveaways

You’d find that many people like free things. This notion provides you with the perfect opportunity to organically grow your Facebook page. 

For instance, if you have a shoe brand, you can create a post asking people to post pictures of your shoes and tag your page. Ask them to be creative about the caption for the post. Specify that they only win by being creative. However, make them stick to a hashtag that can easily go viral. Example, #classicShoes #GiveAway #winner. 

Whoever gets the most likes and engagements is your winner.

What does the winner receive? Your products. Never make the mistake of buying something else to give them. Giving out your products to be used for free, helps to create awareness and boost sales.

Lastly, be content with the idea that most people will jump into the competition for your free products. They unfollow your page soon after. But that is fine. You already would have gotten in front of your target demographics by then.

4. Create Content that aligns with your brand Ideal

Content That Aligns With Your Brand

Before we dive into this, I’d like to ask. What is your brand ideal? What are your views about life? What is your higher calling? What is your absolute goal?

Prospects are compelled to patronize you not for what you do, but why you do it – this is your band ideal. When they believe what you believe in, they become loyal customers. It does not matter the competition. This you achieve by brand aligning.

Brand alignment is the act of ensuring all marketing assets and customer engagements stick to the brand’s promise by communicating a fixed and ongoing story.

You could start by telling prospects about your struggle with weight. The constant waist pains, knee locks, joint aches. You had tried everything until you settled on the home remedy you currently sell. Along the way, you noticed that you hadn’t just lost weight. You lost self-doubts, negative thoughts, not being good enough, low self-esteem, and so on.

Tell them that your brand does not only focus on weight loss but losing every other thing that doesn’t promote self-confidence.

While your competitors are focusing on selling, you’re working on bettering lives. 

Telling a believable story is an organic way to grow your Facebook Page. People love to relate with brands that have a true story to tell.


3. Consistent Content

Never stop posting because you’re out of stock. Learn to keep the conversation going. Staying quiet while doing an online business tells onlookers that the business is done.

So whether you have goods in stock or not, say something. You can wish prospects a happy holiday. You can wish a loyal customer a happy birthday. Update them on products.

As a matter of fact, schedule what you want to be posted daily. It helps to keep your business running even if you are not truly running.

2. Create traffic from other social media platforms

Drive Traffic From Other Social Media Platforms

Like we said earlier, organically growing your Facebook Page can be a bit challenging. It is important to be on other social media platforms also. 

So whether you are on LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, or whichever social media, always leave a link for prospects to find your Facebook page.

This is because not all prospects may frequently use other social media platforms. Finding you on Facebook where they are more regular is a page booster.

Whenever you post something, leave your brand’s Facebook Page subtly. It is one of the finest organic ways to grow your Facebook page.

1.Build a Community

Always Build a Community

The goal of growing a Facebook Page is to be able to pop up in the Feeds of various demographics. This is likely to happen if you’re able to build a Community.

Creating relevant posts, a Question, and Answer session, discussing ongoing issues in society makes your page unique. It becomes a hub where people are free to share their thoughts.

All you’re focusing on doing is to reward people for constantly liking and following your page. Interacting with them convinces them that you care about their notions about life.

And this is also one of the very organic ways to grow your Facebook page. You may also consider creating a Facebook group where you can get more interactive with your fans. 


Growing your Facebook page Organically goes a long way to enlighten you on what your prospects and loyal customers expect from your brand.

It helps you to better understand them. But most importantly, you get to save some cool cash in the process.

One good thing about growing your page organically is that it gives you so much experience that you’d know what to expect when you finally start running paid adverts on Facebook. 

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