Top 5 Ways To Define Target Audience For Your Business

5 Ways To Define Target Audience For Your Business

In the world of business, defining your target audience is one of the most important tasks to effectively deploying your marketing strategy. 

In fact, a marketing strategy is defined according to the market niche or the particular segment of the market you want to capitalize on. In this article I want to share with you some quick and easy ways you can define your target audience.

Let’s start by defining what a target audience is? In simple terms, a target audience is a group of people who have the general characteristics of the individuals who consume or need a business’ product or service. So, it is very important to know who they are, before setting out to identify the best way to reach them.

When we use marketing strategies, we are working to achieve business objectives. Therefore, we must fundamentally analyze and segment the market in order to reach those who are really interested in consuming our product. That way, we know that every marketing effort is worth it and will yield massive results.

Let’s get started!

As long as you have a well-defined target audience, you can get to know them and, above all, know how you offer exactly what they need.

Below, you will find a series of ways to define target audience for your business.

1. Research your existing customers

Existing Customer research

How can you know who wants to buy the product or service you offer? 

“The devil is in the details” – heard of this famous saying? Yh…it works here.

Well, the first step you should take is to dig a little deeper into the data of your existing customers. When you know the characteristics that define them, then you can start to attract a new audience that is profiled with the same particularities. 

One way to collect this data is through the small questionnaires that we are invited to fill out whenever we create a profile on a web page or sign up for a subscription.

Therefore, it is advisable to outline a good questionnaire to collect the right amount of data without this becoming a nuisance for the user. Remember that if it is something that can take their time, they could eventually end up abandoning the purchase. You wouldn’t want to do that. 

Always make it a point to keep it concise.

What basic data should you collect from your audience?

Age: it is enough to know what decade they were born or what generation they belong to. Remember, you should not waste their time.

Location: knowing at least the country your customers reside, will allow you to know when to schedule advertisements so that they are more widely viewed.

Interests: in addition to the services and products you offer, what other interests do your clients have? What do they like to do?

Purchase intention: how do they search for products when visiting your website? What order of filters do they use? Is it price or according to the characteristics of the product?

This is one of the ways to define target audience for your business.

2. Analyze social media data

Analyze Social Media Data

To complement the database that will help you define the target audience, you can also go to the analytics of social media platforms. 

This will also allow you to have a broader view of the tastes and preferences of your potential customers. 

You will understand which of your posts they are interacting with more and the ones they are not liking so much. This will give you an understanding of what they like and what they do not like. You will also see some information about your audience.

In addition, you will be able to fill those information gaps that are often left unanswered in the registration questionnaires that we talked about earlier.

Also, since these social media platforms tap these information from your customers without their knowledge, it is easier for you to collect almost all the tiny details you want, without having to ask them directly.

So, it is one of the recommended ways to define target audience for your business.

3. Study the competition

Study your competition

“ The competitor is not your enemy. They put you in check.” This is one of the best ways to define target audience.

Taking a look at your competition also helps you better define your target audience and also know if your competition is pursuing the same goals and markets as you.

You will be able to understand if they reach some segments that you did not consider before and also what strategies they apply to position their brands.

There are many online tools you can use to check what your competitors are doing and where their target audience is located. Facebook Ads Library is one of those tools you can use.

4. Rate the service or product you offer

To define the target audience, it is important to be clear about the real value of the service or product that you are going to offer. As a Marketing strategy, you must explore, create and deliver value to meet the needs of your target audience.

It is important to design advertisements where your product is the solution.

Defining the benefits of your product will also help you find your target audience. As you create the list of benefits, you will see more clearly what type of audience you should target. 

Surveying customers is a useful tool for gathering valuable information for this.

5. Review target audience research constantly

At this point you should focus on constantly reviewing the results you have obtained since you began to define your target audience.

Now you already have the information you did not have when you started this process. Therefore, you can evaluate the changes you must make, verify if the definition of your product meets the expectations of your target audience and if improvements should be made.

Over time, your target market may change. Therefore, you must make sure to keep your objectives updated with the reality and the evolution of your brand over time.

If you’re looking for ways to define target audience for your business, then this number 5 is the ultimate. You always have to review.


The goal of every business is to generate revenue by solving problems. Now, if you have the solutions, then you need to find the right market to sell your solutions to.

And that’s why marketing is a key thing in the business world. No matter how small or big your business is, marketing can make or break you. Interestingly, one of the best ways to institute marketing strategies for your business is for you to, first of all, determine the appropriate target audience for your business

In this article, we spoke about 5 ways to define target audience for your business. We hope you loved this article and that you’ll share it with your friends and relatives.

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