Top 5 New Business Ideas In Africa

5 New Business Ideas in Africa

There is no doubt Africa is a land of great opportunities. Whether you are in the diaspora considering a return to the motherland or you reside on the continent and want to start a business, these new business ideas in Africa will be of great help.

We have tried our best to talk about only five of the numerous opportunities available. 

Let’s get started…


Coaching Segment

Who is a coach? A coach is a professional who supports a person or a team to help them develop their skills and achieve their goals. 

Coaching is an alliance between the coach and his clients in a process that arouses reflection and creativity in them (the clients) in order to maximize their personal and professional potential. 

To support the development of a person, a team or an organization, the coach relies on the art of the relationship which allows to interact with someone in such a way that he carries out the projects he chooses to implement by transforming, if relevant, his attitudes and skills. 

So concretely, it is not a question of making the person dependent on the coach, but of helping them to improve by offering them ways and means to get there, according to their profile and their aptitudes or skills.

There are different types of coach: 

Sentimental Coach

Personal development coach

Entrepreneurship Coach

Nutrition Coach

etc … 

If you have some experience in any field, it is a good opportunity to help other people achieve success in that field through coaching. And yes, the revenue potentials are unimaginable.  This is the first on our list of top 5 new business ideas in Africa.

2.Marketing content creator or copywriter


This is a flourishing business today, in a world where almost all companies have an online presence. It’s a very profitable business. 

Growing startups, established businesses or online influencers all need quality marketing content to engage their readers in a specific way and make them want to buy. 

If you think you have the skills to write the following: 

Sales pages 

Strategic email sequences 

Email capture pages 

White papers 

Effective marketing messages 

Marketing-oriented blog posts 

Etc … 

And know how to make this content attractive to turn readers into customers, then you have every chance of succeeding in this area.

The big truth is that you don’t need a writing certification or a PhD to do this work. You only need to go through a short training and have some good writing skills and that’s all. And oh, you must know how the internet works.

3.Creation of a News site or a YouTube Channel

The Internet is booming on the continent. People are constantly looking for information online. It will, however, be necessary to have a good grasp of the strategies (large audience hours, the hashtags to use, the communication techniques to be adopted on the different platforms). 

Running an online news site or YouTube channel requires a lot of focus and energy. This should not be taken lightly. However, it is highly profitable. There are different ways to make money in this business but it takes consistency to achieve the results.

If you believe you have good writing skills or you have a voice everyone would love to listen to, then this is for you. Also, you must have a strong willpower and be ready to learn as you grow. Because this industry isn’t as easy as it may seem. It is one of the toughest.

4.Start a staff placement agency for domestic workers

Staff Placement

In Africa, domestic work (cleaning, cooking, laundry, etc.) is an essential daily task. It takes organization and rigor to run a house. 

You can take advantage of this market to create a placement agency for maids, gardeners, cooks, etc. 

The agency will take care of contracts, negotiate compensation and leaves for the workers. Consider it as an HR company only dealing in the placement of domestic staff.

There are busy professionals who are constantly looking for domestic staff. Get yourself into this space now and see how big the opportunities are.

5.Create a website on recipes for African dishes

African culinary art is rich. Our cuisine is very varied; conditioned by delicious tasting dishes. So, finally, on our list of the top 5 new business ideas in Africa, we suggest the creation of a website on recipes for African dishes.

A site devoted to African, traditional and/or modern dishes would generate a great buzz. Currently, there are a number of websites that deal in African culinary content.

But you can beat the competition, by standing out and giving a special feel to your site and your contents. You can even go as far as recording videos to spice up the content you create on your website.

And oh, Google loves food blogs. So you should know what to expect in terms of traffic and revenue. The opportunities are limitless.



The African continent is home to many opportunities. Most often, citizens of the continent fail to discover and appreciate these opportunities. 

However, in this article, we unearthed 5 new business ideas in Africa for young people. 

If you find any of these interesting, start your research and get to work.

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