Top 5 Proven Strategies For Marketing A Retail Business In Ghana (2022)

Top 5 Proven Strategies For Marketing A Retail Business In Ghana.

One of the most frequent questions I get asked is how to market a retail business. Instead of giving a straightforward answer, I ask one question, “who are your ideal customers?” Most people don’t have a precise answer to this simple question. If you don’t also have a defined customer base, then this article will help you. 

Before you can succeed in the retail business, you need to be clear about who your customer is. This is one of the basic things that will go a long way to guarantee the success of your marketing efforts. The best retailers have kept this and some other marketing strategies a secret. 

In this article, I reveal five of the best marketing strategies for marketing a retail business in Ghana.

First of all, I would like to define what a retail business is. According to Cambridge Dictionay, retail is “the activity of making products and services available so that people buy them:”.

 In Ghana and most countries in sub-Saharan Africa, the retail business is the commonest form of business. Most of these businesses are sole proprietorship entities, owned and managed by the owner(s). 

Even with the upsurge of online shopping, most people still prefer buying from the physical retailer because of the relationship built with the retailer over time. This means only one thing: it is important to employ both offline and online strategies in your marketing.

It is important to know especially for our part of the world that the retail sector never stops changing. 

Every year, environmental, economic, political, economic and technological changes affect the expectations of customers concerning the sector.

A retailer’s strategy must keep pace with these changes. In the Ghanaian space, foreign players such as Shoprite, The Game, Citydia and others have taken advantage of the growing consumer population in the country but this does not prevent smaller retailers from doing well. Size does not guarantee success, and smaller retailers can seize a good niche and implement the strategies shared in this article to expand and grow.

These 5 strategies for marketing a retail business in Ghana have helped many businesses and I’m sure they’ll help you too. Now, let’s go into it.

The Top 5 Proven Strategies For Marketing A Retail Business In Ghana.

1.Know Your Customers And Be Available For Them At Any Time and Place

Know your customer very well

One of the key strategies for retail success is to know who your ideal customer is. This will determine where you invest your marketing efforts. For a  younger customer base, you might want to incorporate more internet solutions that will make shopping fun and more convenient. 

For an older audience, you might want to think of a different strategy. According to a recent survey carried out by Firmus Advisory, 55% of the respondents “desire an omnichannel shopping capability from retailers but few retailers do this”. 

They also discovered that “63% of millennials want to have flexible payment options when shopping”. 

Buyers have less time now than ever, and when they detect a shopping need, they want to discover where to safely compare and buy, no matter their location. You must know what they want, how they want it and be available where and when they need it; be it online or offline.

This is without a doubt, the first of the 5 strategies for marketing a retail business in Ghana.

2.Use Cross-Channel Marketing To Draw In New Clients


 If you want to have customers flooding your business, you need to furnish them with amazing content and please their eyes across numerous channels. 

This includes putting display shelves near the windows that draw people’s attention but don’t try to sell them anything. It also means having a great website with all the information your customers might need to have a great shopping experience.

Also, it requires that you prepare blog posts that offer more value than just regular information about your product or services. Rely heavily on convincing web-based channels that teach your potential customers about your processes and the benefits they stand to gain.

 Social media is an effective way to drive potential customers to your online or offline storefront. Check out this article on how to use social media to market your business. 

This is the second point on the list of the Top 5 proven strategies for marketing a retail business in Ghana.

3.Offer customers an optimized experience 

Optimize your customer experience

Your customers are your main priority as a business owner. At no point should you think of your personal experience without considering what your customers might feel about it.

One of the best strategies for marketing a retail business in Ghana is simply giving the buyer an experience that they can never forget.

Providing an exceptional customer experience doesn’t have to mean spending millions on the best retail locations, or fully-developed custom eCommerce platforms. 

Sometimes, simple incremental changes to the way you operate can boost the experience and sales. 

The retailer must make shopping comfortable for the customer. Once customers see that you are seeking their interest, they will keep coming. Word of mouth will also go in your favour. 

 Ever thought there’s a magical strategy for selling as a retailer? Think of this point discussed above.

Most retailers have adopted this as one of their best strategies for marketing a retail business in Ghana.

4.Make it quick and easy 

50% of customers want to buy quickly, and almost 30% think speed is the most important factor in their purchasing decision. 

The time of browsing stores for anything (except luxury items) is gradually coming to an end, so make sure your in-store experience is not complicated, and that there is a simple and straightforward online platform, accessible both from the computer and from mobile devices, for customers to make their purchases. 

A good retailer will often put themselves in the customer’s shoes and think about how to improve the process. Are you a good retailer?

If any of the four proven marketing strategies for marketing a retail business in Ghana, discussed above doesn’t work for you, maybe number 5 will! Check it out!

5.Pay your workers well and invest in training them

Midsection of businessman protecting Salary blocks on stacked coins at the desk

So, before you think this doesn’t qualify to be called a marketing strategy, wait till you reach the end of this article. I promise you’ll discover just why you need this as much as any other point listed above.

Train your workers regularly. Most people think the smartest thing to do is to recruit your competitor’s past employees since they’re now prepared and trained. 

I would challenge you that they are prepared to work in their previous place of work but not yours. 

This means they have a “right” approach to doing something but require extra training if you want them to deliver on your expectations. Underestimate nothing with regard to how your workers pick up the telephone, welcome a client, sell your product, or even make a garbage run. 

Let’s be honest here. Customercare is one of the greatest marketing strategies which define a brand’s image. Why do you buy from seller A but not Seller B? It’s basically because of their customer care differences. Right?

So while this may be the last point on our list of the top 5 proven marketing strategies for marketing a retail business in Ghana, it is one of the most important ones.


In today’s marketplace, the phrase “you get what you pay for” no longer makes sense. 

Consumers don’t just consider product quality and unit price factors in their purchasing decisions. 

The five strategies above constitute a mental checklist that the customer operates with. Focusing on the value that is provided to the customer will be an element that makes the difference between retailers. It’s not only about the value of the product, but also the value of the retailer. 

Providing an innovative and customer-based marketing approach to your business will draw in more clients. It doesn’t matter if you are a big-time business owner or a mini-retailer. These strategies work fine for just everyone.

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