Bolt and Star Assurance collaborates to provide insurance cover for drivers and riders

Bolt, the popular ride-hailing service has partnered with Star Assurance Company Ltd (Star), one of the foremost insurance brands in the country to provide personal accident insurance cover for its drivers and riders across the country.

Bolt prioritises the safety and security of its riders and drivers, and insurance is a critical part of our safety programme. 

The new policy, which took effect from April 1, is designed to cover riders’ and drivers’ accidental medical expenses and compensation for death or permanent disability suffered by them while on a trip requested through the Bolt App.

Speaking on the partnership, Henry Whyte, Operations Manager, Bolt Ghana, said, “Ghanaian Law stipulates that all motorists must be insured, at least to cover their liability to third parties.

“Accordingly, most drivers opt for the third-party insurance to curtail the high cost of comprehensive insurance which covers not only third-party passengers or pedestrians but drivers themselves.”

“At Bolt we recognise this challenge and have made it a core part of our mission to help our drivers and riders work under the most favourable conditions and that includes having access to insurance that makes them confident of their safety and security while on our roads.

“This partnership with Star Assurance is a step towards achieving our responsibility to our partners and stakeholders,” Mr Whyte added.

He underscored the importance of such collaborations and commended the management of Star for its commitment to the well-being of the motoring public. 

Star Assurance Company Limited, a member of the Ghana Club 100 and rated A by Global Credit Rating (GCR), is noted for her prompt claims payment ability over its 36 years of existence.

“Like Star, Bolt also priorities safety and security hence our solid partnership, which adds to the many collaborations we have had these past few years, promises nothing short of delightful experiences for drivers and riders on their BOLT trips,” added Boatemaa Baffour-Awuah, CEO of Star Assurance Co. Ltd. 

Bolt is Africa’s leading ride-hailing platform, connecting millions of passengers and drivers around the world to make travel affordable, convenient and responsible.

Bolt started its operations in Ghana in the year 2017, building an extensive network in the country. So far, it has been able to bring affordable and reliable service to people in Accra, Kumasi, Takoradi and Cape Coast.

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