Top 4 Reasons Why Every Business Must Be On Social Media

Top 4 Reasons Why Every Business Must Be On Social Media.

Social media is one of the most powerful inventions the world has seen. For the past two decades, social media has redefined how humans relate to each other. And businesses fully depend on human relations too. 

Social media platforms such as Facebook, Youtube, Linked In and Instagram have taken over the marketing world. With more than 4 Billion people using social media, it is one of the biggest avenues for marketing.

Any business without a social media presence is largely missing out on the import of this great platform. 

In this article, we take a look at 4 reasons why every business must be on social media.

4. It creates Brand Awareness

A survey conducted on Instagram proved that 60 per cent of its users discover new products on the platform. 

In this era, social media users are prone to finding new and vital products and services online. Applying a significant social media strategy will heighten the brand’s visibility among users. You can reach a huge audience in a short time.

To build brand awareness, you can post thoroughly-researched content that convinces your audience of your expertise in your field.

Your brand awareness is possible by posting thoroughly researched content that convinces audiences of your expertise in the field.

You can do this through many approaches.

 Don’t sleep on LinkedIn. Portraying a formal and professional front is best on this platform. The jovial nature of the brand can be showcased on Twitter as is the culture. Posting an educative fun video on Instagram equally counts. A simple documentary of how your products are produced gets the conversation going.

Hubspot carried out a survey that proved that 69% of Marketers who invested in social media saw massive business growth. You want to have a bite of this big cake. Don’t you?

3. It helps You Keep Track Of Your Competitors

Social media stalking allows you to watch competitor’s actions which also provides you with insights and keeps you up to date on the advancements in the industry. This singular act allows you to compare the competitor’s business actions to your brand’s, strategize and implement business ideas that keep your brand a step ahead.

Analyzing a competitor’s post frequency, Platform use and competitive landscape are important. It provides insights on how their brand is perceived by social media users thus giving your brand the upper hand on the best way to reach its targeted audience.  

Consider this as a game of soccer. If there’s an easy way for you to discover your opponents’ tactics, wouldn’t you pick that and find a way to counter it? 

Well, social media gives you a free and easy platform to see what your competitors are doing. So, just take that opportunity now!

You just have no excuse,….Your business must be on social media.

2. It increases traffic on the Brand’s website

Traffic Building

One more importance is that social media has become elemental in a brand’s success.

Seeing as a website is usually the authoritative front of every business, it would not harm to put a bit of its content in all the brand’s digital efforts.

The main goal of marketing is to boost sales and build a customer base. This goal is achieved by drawing traffic to the website. An achievement as such also gets google to pop up your website as often as possible.

Hubspot’s study determined that 80% of marketers investing in social media saw a massive change in their website traffic. 

Showing valuable content on social media encourages prospects to click through your website. The consistency of this strategy will generate conversations and drive traffic to the website.

Mind you, this is not a one-off thing. It is something you need to keep doing for as long as you want to keep making sales. So, always develop a budget for your social media as well.

1.It boosts sales

According to Econsultancy, Social Media in the very short term has become a top marketing strategy to generate a solid Return on Investment (ROI). Specifically, amplifying a social media marketing strategy is a successful method to boost direct and indirect sales.

Using a platform familiar to your target demographics boosts sales. 

Studies show that 66 % of Marketers on social media saw an increase in lead generation. 74% in new business and  55% in sales made. 

The time spent on social media should produce increased sales. Posting content in the personas of your brand’s target demographic drives prospects to the website.

This frequency on the website will put the brand as a top website that pops up in Google searches. Sales will be boosted easily at a little cost.

If you’re wondering why your business must be on social media, then you have the answer here.


A Brand’s social media presence is not optional anymore. In an era where technology is taking over, social media has become a strong marketing tool. However, thorough research must be put into finding the social media platforms your target demographic is on.

 These platforms also bring your brand valuable insights, customers, and ideas on how to healthily grow the business.

Lastly, the ease with which customers give reviews on social media aids in the Brand’s implementation of change. 

If you haven’t thought of putting your business on social media yet, then you know what you may be missing out on.

Join the ship now before it leaves you behind. Did you enjoy this article on reasons why a business must be on social media? Kindly let us know in the comment box below.

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