Importers and Exporters Association of Ghana unhappy with custodial sentencing clause in Insurance Act 2021

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The Importers and Exporters Association of Ghana has raised concerns over a custodial sentencing clause in the Ghana Insurance Act 2021. The law prescribes a jail sentence for importers who do not comply with the mandatory Marine Insurance Policy. The association believes the law is not business-friendly and counterproductive hence must be removed from the … Read more

The Ultimate Guide To Instagram Marketing (2021)

The Ultimate Guide To Instagram Marketing (2021)

THE ULTIMATE GUIDE TO INSTAGRAM MARKETING.  The invention of Instagram in 2010 wasn’t particularly a big deal. It was like any other social media platform. The idea was to create a platform where people Share selfies, pictures of foods and pets.  Almost a decade later, Instagram transformed its algorithm to be a leading digital marketing … Read more

Pandemic forces Startups out of large office spaces

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Loss of revenue, reduced cash flow and rising expenditure stemming from impacts of the coronavirus pandemic are pushing businesses, especially small-scale ones, to move out of bigger office spaces into smaller ones as financial constraints are limiting their ability to pay the high rental cost. Some of the businesses which interacted with the B&FT said … Read more

Biggest cocoa harvest in decade spurs record debt sale

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The biggest cocoa harvest in a decade is spurring record domestic borrowing by the industry regulator of the world’s no. 2 cocoa producer. Ghana Cocoa Board has sold 11.7 billion cedis ($2 billion) of six-month bills between January and May, the most in the five-month period since at least 2011, when Bloomberg started keeping records. … Read more

Top 5 Digital Marketing Firms In Ghana

Top 5 Digital Marketing Firms In Ghana

5 DIGITAL MARKETING FIRMS IN GHANA The internet has taken over and the number of people online is increasing daily. Marketing has always been founded on the idea of meeting and connecting with an audience that would become customers. However, they cannot be met traditionally quite often. You have to connect with them at a … Read more

Interest payments in Ghana have overtaken money generated in the domestic economy by 24.4 percent in Q1

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Interest payment on debt, together with compensation of government employees has overtaken money generated in the domestic economy by 24.4 percent in the first quarter of the year, the Central Bank’s first quarter statistical bulletin data has revealed. According to the data, the country generated GH¢12.5 billion from the domestic economy as of first quarter … Read more


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The year is 2021, the world is moving fast, our lives are much more intertwined with the digital world than they were even ten years ago. In fact, over half – 53% – of the world’s population can currently access the internet from various mobile devices, with 42% of people having access to the internet. … Read more

The Problem with Tiktok as a Startup

PRAGUE, CZECH REPUBLIC - NOVEMBER 22 2018: TikTok mobile video-sharing app company logo on phone screen with internet homepage in background on November 22, 2018 in Prague, Czech republic.

Most people believe TikTok is the highest valued startup currently in the world but I believe we can look at the other side of it. What if it’s just hype? The $75 BILLION valuations. They certainly have some impressive stats: 800 million installs. 500 million monthly active users. (more than Twitter) Users who log into the app … Read more

Top 5 Ways To Define Target Audience For Your Business

Top 5 Ways To Define Target Audience For Your Business

5 Ways To Define Target Audience For Your Business In the world of business, defining your target audience is one of the most important tasks to effectively deploying your marketing strategy.  In fact, a marketing strategy is defined according to the market niche or the particular segment of the market you want to capitalize on. … Read more

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